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  • real estate market update

    Real Estate Market Continues to Shift

    The real estate market continues to shift to a more balanced market as both buyers and sellers took a break over the previous quarter. In 2021 there were 191 freehold sales in Aurora sold at an average of $1,354,787 which was 106% of the listing......

  • June 1st | The Bank of Canada is hiking rates by 50 basis points

    With Bank of Canada (BoC) rate forecasts projecting a 50 basis point increase to 1.5% on June 1st, prospective and current homeowners are worrying about how real estate markets might be impacted.  Ostensibly, prospective home buyers will face greater difficulties qualifying for funding, due to......

  • April 7th | Canada is planning to double housing supply

    Spending on increasing supply With the federal government continuing to accelerate their affordable housing strategies, Canadians are wondering how housing markets might react.  The first thing to note is that the government is investing $72 billion over the coming years to double the development of......