20 Ways To Turn Your Home Into A Calming Retreat

Reducing stress and prioritizing mental health are more important than ever. While proper diet, exercise and a positive attitude are great ways to promote overall wellness, decorating our personal spaces with a soothing, tranquil feeling can also have a huge impact. Boost your own health and happiness this year by turning a room, nook or outdoor space into a true sanctuary — it’s easier than you think! 

Decorate your master bedroom with watery blue accents.
Cool-toned blues will add a tranquil, lakeside feel to your room. Tonal wallpaper can also add interest to a feature wall or behind the bed that won’t overpower your other decor pieces.

Create openness and good traffic flow with curved furniture.
The living room is anchored by an undulating bleached-oak coffee table that’s easy to maneuver around. Luxe drapery lends a cocooning feeling and provides privacy.

Create a reading corner or nook in your bedroom.
Cozy up and unwind. Say ‘no!’ to the classic ‘laundry chair’ and trade up for this reading nook! Creating a designated space for relaxing will encourage you to set aside some me time for a good book or magazine!

Design your kitchen with built in storage.
Purge the things in your kitchen you don’t use & the items you use ‘some of the times’ can be easily hidden in these cupboards. Experts say that a clear space will lead to a clear mind! Keep your beloved kitchen items handy & the rest stored away!

Showcase your view.
Have a favourite view of your front or back yard? Adding a seating area in front of a large window will create a great breakfast area or place to enjoy an afternoon tea! City view or nature view, spending time enjoying your surroundings is a surefire way to boost your mood!

Design with flexibility in mind.
Many rooms in your home can be multi-purpose. Designing these spaces with flexibility in mind, can easily transform a guest room into a workspace, or living room into a workout room! Look for furniture that’s easy to move or can be folded away (murphy bed, pull-out couch, duel purpose items). Keeping decor minimal in these areas will also help when you need a quick swap of your office to a guest room when family stops by!

Opt for an upholstered bench or window seat.
After a workout session or spring clean, keep the tranquil vibes going by heading to the cozy, built-in bench with a cup of tea and a book. This area is also great close to the front door or lobby as a ‘getting-ready nook’! Keep your jackets & boots handy for a comfortable spot to get ready for your day.

Add hints of nature to your entry way.
Not only do houseplants keep you company, but they are proven to improve your air quality, increase mental health & boost your overall mood. Adding a variety of plants to your entry way is a great way to bring the outdoors in while still adding style. Check out your local nurseries & then have fun customizing your plant babies with vases and pots that work with your decor!

Keep your ‘busy areas’ clutter free and organized.
Utilize storage in your go-to areas while remaining functional. In the kitchen, for example, open shelving is a great way to keep dishware or decor pieces off the counter but still having them visible! Also using duel-purpose items like tables with a storage container underneath is a great way to quickly clean up a kids playroom!

Chose pale hues & delicate fabrics for a cozy guest bedroom.
White furniture creates a perfect backdrop for these soft blue & green tones in this guest bedroom. Lighter colours will add an airy feeling & tranquility for anyone staying the night! A feature wall featuring a soft nature scene ties in with those green & blue hues. Delicate fabrics are the final touch as seen in the throw pillows! Don’t be afraid to mix a few different fabric textures!

Add a reading area to the kids room.
Having quiet time with little ones is easy when there’s a comfy chair or chaise to cuddle on. A plush rug will also add warmth to your space (& give you another spot to relax and read together!)

Boost serenity with natural textures & greenery.
Wicker, rattan, exposed woods & cotton fabrics! Mix & match these natural textures to create a peaceful space with the feeling of nature. Using similar tones like brown, beige, and creams will help create consistency between these very different textures and fibers! Adding plants & green hues will further mimic those natural vibes!

Get cozy by integrating ‘farmhouse’ style.
Embrace exposed brick, rustic timbers & greenery to turn your favourite spaces into a ‘farmhouse’ vibe! This trend is most seen in kitchens & allows for the use of antique hardware, exposed shelving, vintage light fixtures! Add pops of colour to showcase your style. Or go with full colour for your cabinets or kitchen island!

Decorate with personal mementos.
Displaying meaningful items such as photos, shells, driftwood, art or even wind chimes can kickstart your imagination or bring back good memories. Utilize a wall display to layer some of your favourite pieces into your own work of art!

Create spaces that are functional.
Yes, even the laundry room can be a retreat! Rooms that haven both beauty & function will become your favourite spaces to get stuff done! Adding a counter top, or DIYing a waist-height shelf will give you a place to fold in peace! Overhead storage will also give you a place to store detergent, clothes pins or those pesky solo socks!

Dedicate a space for home office, work or reflection.
This room’s simple, still-life quality has a tranquil vibe, making it easy to put your mind to thinking, making or writing. Even if you can only dedicate a corner in your home to a ‘work space’ it can help boost your productivity with a project and let your creativity flow. Whether its doodling, journalling, or racing to meet a deadline for work, dedicating a space for work & reflection will help get the job done!

Go monochromatic.
Keep things clean & simple by integrating a monochrome colour pallet in your living or dining room! This makes decorating easy, pick your favourite colour and dive in! Pillows, wall hangings, and paint will help you achieve this look. See this streamlined grey living room and this watery blue living room! You can add colours in the same family & tones to add some contrast!

Make your master bath into a spa-like retreat.
Make bath time your favourite time with a spa-like oasis! Even the most simple ensuites or bathrooms can transform into a luxury room with the right touches. Try adding a plush rug & touchable towels to really pamper yourself. For a quick DIY, try integrating your favourite finish through the vanity knobs, a frame for your mirror & fresh accessories!

Design a cozy nook in the backyard or front porch.
A simple fire bowl surrounded by four Muskoka chairs creates a mini nature-inspired getaway that’s perfect for an evening of quiet reflection while gazing into the flames. Dont forget to bring the marshmallows!

Add a water feature to complete outdoor oasis.
The sounds of a fountain — indoors or out — is soothing and can  help dampen the bustling sounds of the city.